Grouse Hunting Dogs Raised and Trained in Grouse hunting country

Northwind English Setters just as comfortable in the home as in the woods

Started Grouse Dogs from Northwind English Setters

Started Grouse Dogs 1 year and older $4800.00 +

These dogs have limited availability. They have been started in the grouse woods. They have started their training on pigeons moved on to liberated quail in aspen thickets and then have been worked on wild birds. They will whoa on command, hold point on a bird, and hunt for dead and be in control.  They can be hand directed into cover and they know how to adjust their range by commands.  Most naturally quarter and most will retrieve.  If they do not retrieve they will hunt dead.  They are e-collar broke and are ready to go hunting.  All have had  exposure to grouse and some woodcock experience. They will be house broke and well socialized and ready for your family. Wisconsin sales tax will be charged at time of pickup at the kennel.

Started Grouse Dogs Limited Availability

We have limited availablility on dogs that are trained and ready to go to the grouse woods.  We suggest that you give us a call early in the season because they are typically sold before early spring. Contact us at (855) 831-6277