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We Only do 1 or 2 Breeding a Year. We specialize in Started Pups. We Match Dogs and Hunters based on Performance & Fit



French Import

Meet Nago, a gentle male, but with a drive switch that turns on in the woods.  He is out of French. The 2019 litter was a very successful litter in terms of the natural ability of the pups and how quickly they developed.  The bird development was easy, the instinct was everything I have been breeding for and the temperament was perfect. One has to realize that when you have a bird dog it may only hunt, (if lucky) 8 weeks out of the year the rest of the year your setter is in the home with you. So it is imperative that these setters have great homes.  My dogs are meant for the house, not the kennel, they want to be with you and the family.  They need to be a part of your life.




Maestro (Imported) & Josie (US)

Molly, she is out of my French sire Maestro and Josie.  Molly is an excellent grouse dog as well as a wonderful family companion.  Last year she produced 10 pups with our other French sire Nago.  The litter was so successful we will be repeating this litter for the spring of 2020.



Maestro French lines covers the ground but when he hits scents becomes very cautious and this guy has an incredible nose for picking up scent from a great distance. Not to mention he has the style of the Italian Setter bloodlines.


Nago on the floor with Kenzie and Ellie enjoying family life


Puppies: previous litter breeding between Nago & Molly


English Setter Puppy from Northwind litter