Questions & Answers

What is the size range of your dogs?
Our females average about 40 to 55 pounds and males about 48 to 60 pounds.  Their build tends to be lean and not bulky.  They cover the ground effortlessly and are beautiful to watch.

Will your dogs retrieve?
Many are natural retrievers and those that are not easily point dead for the owner. A few of our dogs are also excellent water retrievers.

Are your dogs good house pets?
They are great house dogs as well as hunting dogs.  They truly have an “Off” switch when it comes to being in the house.

How are  your grouse dogs on other game birds?
Our dogs are first worked on Grouse and Woodcock.  With grouse being the most difficult most other birds are easy.

What is the range of your dogs when hunting?
Our dogs will adjust their range to the cover being hunted. They might range 70 – 100 yards in the open but will tighten up 30 to 50 yards or less in heavy cover. A lot of this range issue is what an owner allows. We tend to keep our young dogs close and to establish a range so they are visible a high percent of the time.  When our dog goes on point we don’t want to be looking all over for it.

Do you sell puppies?
My preference is to sell started pups and dogs as well as finished dogs.  This way I ensure that my dogs go to homes that will hunt a lot and that they are part of a family. I only have enough litters per year so that I can have a certain number of dogs per year to sell.  I am able to take a pup farther and faster than an owner that can only work with their pup in the evening or weekend.  My livelihood is focused on grouse hunting and training dogs so my young pups and dogs by the time they are a year old will typically be in the woods more than most dogs will see in 3 to 4 years. This way I know the young pup or dog has had an excellent foundation and is ready to be a superior hunting dog.