Field Trial Awards mean nothing can your dog actually hunt in an aspen thicket?

These Bird Dogs are used on our Guided Grouse Hunting trips – That’s Experience!

Finished Grouse Hunting Dogs from Northwind English Setters

Finished Grouse Hunting Dogs   

A finished grouse dog will have had at least one to two seasons of hunting on grouse and woodcock.  He/she may have been used as one of our guide dogs and will be accustom to the demands of working with multiple hunters and other dogs.  They will whoa on command, quarter and can be directed to where you would like them to hunt.  They will have learned the “easy” command to slow down the hunt.  They will hold point while the hunter gets into position and will release on command.  They will be steady to wing and shot.  They will back and honor another dog’s point and will easily adjust to various cover.   A finished dog may be a natural retriever or will know how to hunt dead.  The dog may be house trained and will be used to traveling.


Our finished dogs may range in age from 2 to 3 years and are priced according to the amount of training they have received and their demonstrated ability in the woods.  Price start at $5000+ and we reserve the right to not sell a dog if we do not feel it is a good match for the dog and potential owner. Wisconsin sales tax will be charged at time of pickup at the kennel.



We do not post these type of dogs on our website.  We prefer to talk with an individual and make sure that the home is a good match for these special dogs. Many of these dogs are also house dogs and have been a part of our family.